FRP Industrial Platform Ladder

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FRP Industrial Platform Ladder

his Platform FRP Ladder is specially designed for working around electricity, its non conductive material & heavy duty construction provides safety jobs where electrical lines are present.

Model size

  • LMIP 08 – 8FT
  • LMIP 12 – 12FT
  • LMIP 10 – 10FT
  • LMIP 14 – 14FT

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Ladder LMIP09-8ft LMIP11-10ft LMIP13-12ft LMIP15-14ft
FRONT & REAR Stile : FRP-Glass Fiber FRP-Glass Fiber FRP-Glass Fiber FRP-Glass Fiber
Size of FRONT Stile : 80x28.5x3.0mmTH 80x28.5x3.0mmTH 80x28.5x3.0mmTH 80x28.5x3.0mmTH
Size of REAR Stile : 80x28.5x3.0mmTH 80x28.5x3.0mmTH 80x28.5x3.0mmTH 80x28.5x3.0mmTH
Steps : Antiskid Aluminum Alloy Antiskid Aluminum Alloy Antiskid Aluminum Alloy Antiskid Aluminum Alloy
Size of Steps : 81x39x1.5mmTH 81x39x1.5mmTH 81x39x1.5mmTH 81x39x1.5mmTH
Spacing bet Steps : 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm
Closed Up Size(App.) : 3336x781x223mm 3935x865x223mm 4533x948x223mm 5132x1032x223mm
Height of Platform(App.) : 2451mm 3006mm 3561mm 4116mm
Extended Length(App) : 1906mm 2248mm 2590mm 2932mm
No of Steps : 9 11 13 15
Weight(Approx.) : 19.0kg 23.0kg 26.5kg 30.5kg
Max. Load Cap. 110kg 110kg 110kg 110kg
  • Restrict ladder usage to the purpose for which the ladder is designed. Never exceed the maximum safe working load of the ladder.
  • Store in areas protected from direct sunlight. Never use damaged ladder for climbing.
  • Self supporting ladder such as trade ladder & platform ladder are not to be used as single ladders, that is , in the closed position.
  • Keep both feet on the ladder – never put one foot on a rung/step and the other foot on a different surface.
  • A non-self-supporting ladder such as an extension or single ladder, needs to be erected a minimum of one to three feet above the top support point when using for access to a roof or other work level.
  • Do not step on any rung above the upper support point since this could cause the ladder to slip.
  • Place your ladder on a stable, even, flat surface. Never place a ladder on top of another object.
  • On a ladder or step ladder, do not over load it. The person and anything they are taking up should not exceed the highest stand on the ladder.
  • On a ladder don’t move them while standing on the rungs/steps.
  • Beware of electrical hazards. This is rated electrically isolating for standard utility voltages.
  • Do not stand or sit on plastic top cover in trade and platform ladder.
  • Always keep a secure grip. Do not use the steps if you feel tired or ill or if you suffer from vertigo or if you have recently taken alcohol.
  • Wear firm flat shoes.
  • For more information, please refer