Wall Supported FRP Ladder

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Wall Supported FRP Ladder

Wall supported FRP Ladder is extra heavy duty ladder for all industrial application. Steps. Non conductive fiberglass side rail with fully serrated aluminum step. All gussets are heavy duty steel.

Model Size

  • LMW 04 – 4FT
  • LMW 06 – 6FT
  • LMW 08 – 8FT
  • LMW 10 – 10FT
  • LMW 12 – 12FT
  • LMW 14 – 14FT
  • LMW 15 – 15FT
  • LMW 16H – 16FT
  • LMW 18H – 18FT

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  • 2-section ladder extended with height adjustment by means of pulley/hand winch, with support section and handrail both sides.
  • Vertical platform heights adjustable between 2.77 m – 3.9 m 4.9 m at 280 mm rung space intervals.
  • Restrict ladder usage to the purpose for which the ladder is designed. Never exceed the maximum safe working load of the ladder.
  • Store in areas protected from direct sunlight. Never use damaged ladder for climbing.
  • Self supporting ladder such as trade ladder & platform ladder are not to be used as single ladders, that is , in the closed position.
  • Keep both feet on the ladder – never put one foot on a rung/step and the other foot on a different surface.
  • A non-self-supporting ladder such as an extension or single ladder, needs to be erected a minimum of one to three feet above the top support point when using for access to a roof or other work level.
  • Do not step on any rung above the upper support point since this could cause the ladder to slip.
  • Place your ladder on a stable, even, flat surface. Never place a ladder on top of another object.
  • On a ladder or step ladder, do not over load it. The person and anything they are taking up should not exceed the highest stand on the ladder.
  • On a ladder don’t move them while standing on the rungs/steps.
  • Beware of electrical hazards. This is rated electrically isolating for standard utility voltages.
  • Do not stand or sit on plastic top cover in trade and platform ladder.
  • Always keep a secure grip. Do not use the steps if you feel tired or ill or if you suffer from vertigo or if you have recently taken alcohol.
  • Wear firm flat shoes.
  • For more information, please refer http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg402.pdf

Crossover Ladders is ideal for the Following applications:

  • Traversing conveyor belts
  • Avoiding trip hazards
  • Access to controls and/or gauges
  • Elevated platform for supervisors
  • Crossing over pipelines